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Little v Cookbook

The Little V Cookbook

For Unpretentious Vegans on a Budget
& Those Just Dipping Their Toes into Vegan Cooking

by Rachel Romot

Want a Little More ‘v’ in Your Life? The Little v Cookbook brings together budget-friendly, plant-based ingredients for a delicious, playful approach to vegan cooking. Simple recipes are paired with colorful hand-painted textures and tantalizing photos. Each meal is nutritiously balanced to support a happy healthy vegan, and those who just want to add a little more ‘v’ into their diet.

A Good Read

Lil Bit Goes A Long Way

by Rachel Romot

Lil Bit Goes a Long Way is a charming story of a little monster’s big adventure that takes him halfway around the world. This little, fearful fellow travels by plane, tuk tuk, train, camel and bus to places some of us have only dreamed of seeing. His exciting experiences introduce us to a land rich with history and culture, and to people who are vastly different and wonderfully colorful. As his journey unfolds, Lil Bit goes from being easily overwhelmed, to finding courage with each new challenge and hope when all seems lost.


A Million Amelias

by Joy McCalister (Author), Rachel Romot (Illustrator)

Do you remember the first time you met someone who shared your name? The second? Third? It comes as a bit of a shock to Miss Amelia when she learns she is not the Only Amelia. And when “the muddy brother of Amelia Too” declares that there are a million Amelias she wonders if she might get lost among the rest of them. Whether your child has a popular or unusual name Amelia’s story will provide reassurance of your family’s love and each person’s individuality.

I embark to

tell my story,


the good,

the bad, & the

utterly crazy.