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Free To Explore

Travel and explore locally & abroad.  Find beauty all over, especially where it’s least expected.  Allow challenges to be your teacher and grow.  View others through a lenses of love, free of judgment.

Vibrant Living

Pursue a healthy balanced lifestyle with a plant-based diet, sustainable living, and giving to others.  Find movement in Surfing, Yoga, Hiking, Climbing & more.  Plant and grow gardens big or small.

Finding A Voice

Find your voice through art, writing or your own unique expression.  Nurture and grow who you are, because there is only one You.  Face your fears and don’t let them hold you back.

Artist bio

Rachel Romot


aka zChel

Art as Therapy

I grew up in Latin America and have been traveling to new places ever since writing and creating along the way. I went to college for art & design but it was only a small stepping stone in my journey. When I found art therapy in 2013, it gave meaning to my whole creative process. Now I rarely create art without it, and It’s something I want to share with everyone who has suffered abuses of this life and need a healthy way to express themselves.


The last few years I have been traveling the US in my converted bus finding amazing beauty and wonderful people along the way. I started a YouTube channel of my travels, surf clips, and began to shoot yoga and meditations captured in amazing places where cell signal is no where to be found. I love practicing yoga in nature, as God intended, sometimes hiking ten miles or more to find the perfect spot. You can watch the videos and practice along with me from the cozy comfort of your home, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to seek out the natural beauty around you, or even set out on an adventure of your own.


I have been plant-based since 2014, and cooking really comes with the territory.  I’ve been experimenting for a while finding tasty healthy recipes and sharing them with others.  I see providing yummy nourishment to others as an act of love.  It turns out they wanted my recipes too, so this became the perfect excuse to write another book, The Little V Cookbook.  I created it for people like me who are on a budget and don’t want anything complicated.  Check it out and share the love, my friend.

Currently In

Melbourne, FL
United States

Email: [email protected]

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