Double Decker Massive PB&J


This is a great recipe to bump up your sandwich game. I usually find that vegan sandwiches are pretty boring or not very filling. So I came up with a sandwich that always hits the spot, even if you can only eat one half at a time. This is great for a long hike, or when you need a quick meal.


3 Slices of yummy whole wheat bread (preferably one full of seeds and goodies)

Almond Butter

Peanut Butter

Fresh Fruit (ie. thin slices of Apple, Banana, Peach, or Strawberries)

Oreo Cookies (Optional…the skinny ones work best)

Honey or Agave


1st Slice

Spread with Almond butter

Add Sliced fruit (I added sliced strawberry)

2nd Slice

Spread with Peanut Butter

Then place on the 1st slice

Add Sliced fruit or Oreo Cookies or skip an extra layer

3rd Slice

Spread a thin layer of Honey or Agave

Add to the sandwich stack

Here I used Trader Joe’s Super Bread and only 1 layer of fruit so the sandwich would fit in my reusable sandwich bag.


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