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Oregon Hikes

Hiking in Southern Oregon was an enormous delight! Below I have listed below some of the trails that I did this past summer and their specs in case you are ever in the area and would like to spend your time on a gorgeous hike. I use an ap which I reference several times called

Double Decker Massive PB&J

This is a great recipe to bump up your sandwich game. I usually find that vegan sandwiches are pretty boring or not very filling. So I came up with a sandwich that always hits the spot, even if you can only eat one half at a time. This is great for a long hike, or

The End of a Season

So Many Reasons to be Thankful I’m wrapping up things here in Klamath Falls, Oregon where I have spent the summer. Actually I arrived here at the beginning of April, so I was here for the spring and summer. And it seems like a good time to reflect on this past season. There were many

New Portable Shower in Place

Beating the Summer Heat I have recently purchased a Reliance Flow Pro Pressurized Portable Shower from REI. It was on sale and apparently discontinued. Its not any kind of new technology. I remember looking at these about a year ago, and now they have some fancier newer shower options for the big budget campers. Forgive

Intro to BusLife Yoga

going to embark on telling my story to the best of my ability, including the good, the bad, the utterly crazy, and some funny stories as well.

American Walkabout 2019

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The Return Trip Part 3: Glacier Nat. Park & East

9/7/19-9/22/19 Anuk and I left bright and early Saturday morning. I sipped on the remnants of my day-old ice coffee as we wound around the cold foggy mountains heading north-west towards Glacier National Park. I stopped at a gas station to refuel and decided to treat myself to a fresh cup of coffee and a

The Return Trip Part 2: Wyoming & Montana

9/3/19-9/7/19 Anuk and I left Jackson Hole and headed for a campsite I found about an hour away in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. It was off the beaten track, just a few campsites widely spread out, no amenities, and totally free, but the best part was that it was in full view of the Tetons.

Exploring Oregon & The Return Trip Part 1

8/28/19- 9/4/19 I’m sitting here in my tent as the rain trickles down pattering loudly against the rain fly here in Helena National Park, Montana. I had no plans to be here a week ago when I left Oregon/Washington area, but plans took an unexpected turn. One thing I learned from this trip is to

Portland At Last

(Photo: Dry Creek Falls) 8/18-8/28 I arrived in Corbett, Oregon on Sunday evening; its a picturesque sleepy farm town about twenty minutes west of Portland right off the Columbia River. Its part of the Columbia River Gorge which has endless hiking trails, waterfalls, the Pacific Crest Trail and Bridge of the Gods, which was featured

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