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The Return Trip Part 3: Glacier Nat. Park & East

9/7/19-9/22/19 Anuk and I left bright and early Saturday morning. I sipped on the remnants of my day-old ice coffee as we wound around the cold foggy mountains heading north-west towards Glacier National Park. I stopped at a gas station to refuel and decided to treat myself to a fresh cup of coffee and a

The Return Trip Part 2: Wyoming & Montana

9/3/19-9/7/19 Anuk and I left Jackson Hole and headed for a campsite I found about an hour away in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. It was off the beaten track, just a few campsites widely spread out, no amenities, and totally free, but the best part was that it was in full view of the Tetons.

Exploring Oregon & The Return Trip Part 1

8/28/19- 9/4/19 I’m sitting here in my tent as the rain trickles down pattering loudly against the rain fly here in Helena National Park, Montana. I had no plans to be here a week ago when I left Oregon/Washington area, but plans took an unexpected turn. One thing I learned from this trip is to

Portland At Last

(Photo: Dry Creek Falls) 8/18-8/28 I arrived in Corbett, Oregon on Sunday evening; its a picturesque sleepy farm town about twenty minutes west of Portland right off the Columbia River. Its part of the Columbia River Gorge which has endless hiking trails, waterfalls, the Pacific Crest Trail and Bridge of the Gods, which was featured

Finding Endor & Oregon

Aug 16-18 Anuk and I left early the next morning, and found that my car had been cleaned. One of Adam’s neighbors really likes to clean, and my car was in the perfect state of filth. So thank you stranger for cleaning my car! After we left the Bay area we continued up the 101,

San Franciso Treat

Saying goodbye was difficult when I left Freedog Farms. It was a reminder and the tough reality of my American Walkabout, making great friends and having to leave them. But thankfully the drive up the Pacific coast highway was good for my soul. The chilly morning fog hid the ocean from view. The road rose

Freedog Farms at Cactus Flower Ranch

(Photo of highway 101 heading north to San Francisco) 8/2-8/13 My next farm stay was in California, just a hint north of Santa Barbara directly off of the 101. I saw my temperature gauge drop to a comfortable 70 something degrees when I neared the Pacific coast, and I immediately opened my windows. The fresh

Joshua Tree, California

8/1-8/2 After we left Zion and Utah, the plan was to head to a campground in Nevada just outside of Las Vegas. It turns out it was in a state park, and when we got to the gate about 4ish the temperature outside was over 100 degrees. I quickly realized that there was no way


7/30-7/31 I came across a campground in Zion National Park in the highest and least visited part of the park. The six campsites here are on a first come first serve and basis here and FREE. I prayed desperately to be one of the six as we found the campground later in the evening just

Colorado and a New Companion

7/20-728 On my way back east and north to Colorado I went through Canyon De Chelly, Arizona. It came highly recommended. It may not be as popular and grand as the Grand Canyon, but it was a wonderful stop. There were very few tourists on the same route, but many native Americans who make a

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