Artist Bio


aka Chel


I grew up in Latin America and have been traveling to new places ever since writing and creating along the way. I went to college for art & design but it was only a small stepping stone in my journey. When I found art therapy in 2013, it gave meaning to my whole creative process. Now I rarely create art without it, and It’s something I want to share with everyone who has suffered abuses of this life and need a healthy way to express themselves.

Surf Bum

My life has always been active, but becoming an actual factual surfer in 2011 gave my days new purpose and a reason to stay close to the coast. Oh and a bonus, it is another great reason to travel!  Surfing has inspired me to create surf gear that is not only wearable in the waves, but comfortable to paddle in.  You’ll look great in them AND you’re sure to stand out in any line-up!  When I’m not in the water, I’m flowing in yoga so I’m also developing yoga clothing with the same high standards.  Keep your social medias tuned in to all that is still to come.


I have been plant-based since 2014, and cooking really comes with the territory.  I’ve been experimenting for a while finding tasty healthy recipes and sharing them with others.  I see providing yummy nourishment to others as an act of love.  It turns out they wanted my recipes too, so this became the perfect excuse to write another book, The Little V Cookbook.  I created it for people like me who are on a budget and don’t want anything complicated.  Check it out and share the love, my friend.

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