B l o g
W o r k z



Every great idea is on the verge of being stupid.
Michel Gondry

Designer. By education and years grinding away in front of a computer.
Photographer. Taking photos just about forever.
Painter. When there are lulls in work and bursts of creativity.
Illustrator. Sketches when there is an emotion that needs to be captured on paper.
Seamstress. Sewing skills passed down through the family and trained at FIT for a time. Once made a living making plush monsters.
Writer. Amateur, self-published author of a children’s book.
Creative Freelancer. Putting all of these skills together to make a living
Traveler. Born in Florida, grew up in Central America, lived in FL, NY, MA, England, Taiwan. Visited many US States, along with Canada, Mexico, Ethiopia, South Africa, India, Thailand, Indonesia, & Singapore
Active. Surfer, runner, cyclist, yogi