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The quick dash through Oklahoma and Texas

I apologize to these two states for not having too much to say. I made a somewhat quick dash through. Tulsa, OK was worth a visit to reload on my Trader Joe’s provisions and to meander through the Gathering Place. This is a riverside park with attractions for children and adults alike. Who can argue with slides and obstacle courses that are big enough for the big kid in you to play on?

I camped at Alabaster Caverns park on the very northwestern edge of the state. It was an oasis after all the flat country land that I drove through to get there. The sun setting turned the sky pastel as cool breezes made for a very comfortable sleep.

Texas the next day was a series of small beat up downs, giant silos, driving along next to the train and expanses of wind farms on wide flat lands. Turn up the good tunes and just move on through.

adminThe quick dash through Oklahoma and Texas
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