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Camping and the Road Ahead

What do you do when you don’t have endless tasks rushing you onward? Can you leave those internal voices behind if you drive far enough away? They try so hard to cling on to you no matter where you go. How long will it take for their voices to get hoarse from yelling, because you just can’t hear them anymore? Life, this life, is just too important right here and now to race impatiently on to the next thing. Stillness is a gift that we must choose. Be here and rest in this moment.

I wrote these words while camping on a quaint little organic farm in Ocala. It was a great time to unplug, have fun mountain/road biking and skating, and a much needed change of scenery. I also got to try out most of my camping gear which was a lovely introduction before starting out on my journey. I leave beginning of June and head north to Charlotte, North Carolina, and then I head west. I have a loose plan with flexibility to fill in the gaps as I travel along. My goal is to reach Oregon visiting National Parks, friends and volunteering on organic farms (WWOOFing) along the way.

I’m so thankful for the time that I have had here in Indialantic, Florida. It’s been a peaceful time of rest and preparation, and continued trimming down of all the extra “stuff.” Pretty soon I will need to make everything I need fit in my car…my little car 🙂 I’m ready for the challenge! In this lovely space I have been creatively inspired, strengthened in my yoga practice, challenged in my use of positive words, and yeah I’ve caught a wave or two. I can see that this is exactly what I was needing before the long road ahead. I treasure the new friendships that I have made here; I value your love and support! And I look forward to all the paint parties here in the future.

adminCamping and the Road Ahead
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  • Jef.burford - May 28, 2019 reply

    We will miss seeing your smiles while paddling out and catching waves!! Safe journey’s and Godspeed to you Ray!!!

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